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Dicht Yer Nib, Geordie     by: Milne, J.C.

Dicht yer nib, Geordie!
Sic a like snoot!
Dicht yer nib, Geordie!
Faur’s yer fite clout?
Hoot awa, Geordie!
Dae what ye can
Wi’ sleeve a’ yer jacket
Or back o’ yer han’.

A heid fu’ o’ ferlies,
A roch scabbit mou’
Or weel-barkit lugs
Gar a dominie grue!
But Geordie, o Geordie!
It’s fairly dings a’!
An orra-like snoot
Aye dribblin awa.

So dicht yer nib, Geordie!
Sic a like sicht!
Dicht yer nib, Geordie!
Gie’t a gweed dicht!
Dicht yer nib, Geordie!
Quick as ye can
Wi’ sleeve o’ yer jaicket
Or back o’ yer han’.

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