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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Onomatopoeia     by: Brown, Jim

Imported fae Greece they say.
Fit a queer wird.
Isn’t it jist fair absurd.
Wow, fizz, bang, whiz

Ower lan, hill an sea
Gaun aa that wey
Tae herry thir dictionary
Growl swish click hiss

It micht hae sneakit ower
In the Elgin marble cairt.
It wid brak yer Doric hairt.
Boom fizzle crunch sizzle

Fancy aa that Greek gowd
Jist lyin aboot
An onomatopoeia is thir chosen loot.
Tinkle smash crackle crash

Homer an thon Acropolis
An they spik aboot the Odyssey.
Fit aboot Robbie Shepherd an Pittodrie?
Wheesht sotter slither potter

We hae Doric in Buchan
That wid dee the same job.
Doon tae earth nae classic snob
Sleuch mourach ficher coulrach

If Homer, Aesop an Sophocles
Hidna shoved the writin game
Oor Doric wid hae got a name.
Queely mauchly healie sprooly

Horniegollach an cornieshougle
Grossart, futrat an killieshangie
Wid hae queeled the Greek writin hannie
Dichter clochter warstle weirdie

So sen onomatopoeia hame
Doric will fin a simpler name
An here it is- nae lang tae wait

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