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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

    by: Addison, Hazel

Oh haggis ye’ve a scrumptious taste,
For quality ye are the best,
An’ kiltit chieftains rin in haste
Fin ye they smell,
Yer secret innards they request
Ower hill an dale

Ye’ve nae trace o mad coos’ disease,
Nor osteoporosis in yer knees,
Yer richer tae than ony cheese
Wi’ big blue veins,
Fin ye’re dish’t up an forks they seize
There’s nane remains.

Accompanied b’ neeps an tatties,
Yer tastier than the chipper’s patties,
An aiten b’ slim fowk an fatties
In traditional style,
Wash’t doon wi fusky fae the “vatty”,
Weel wirth a smile.

The piper gaars the bagpipes skirl
Till aa the rafters creek an dirl,
An roon the haal fowk reel an birl
Wi ane anither,
An swingin tartan kilts aa twirl
Aa clans the gither.

An fin the nicht comes tae an ein,
An heids are spinnin wi the wine,
They aa jine haans for aul laang syne
Wi richt guid cheer,
An vow they’ll aa meet up again
Same time neist ‘eer.

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