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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Family and Home

Andro     by: McEwen, Gavin

That wis a fell ferlie, yon.
Did ye ken him?
Big chiel, nae een a richt Jew.
A teuchter, like, fae Galilee.
Aye, a fisherman an aa.

Ken fit fishermen are like?
Either halie or halirackit.
Mind he wisna een o thai langmoued, unco gweed.
An ordnar kin o chiel, an sociable.
Gey serious aboot his maister, tho.
Yon Rabbi frae Galilee.
The een the Romans crucifeed a fylie back.

Weel, I hadna hard a word o him for eers.
Ken fit he wis daein?
He's been aa aboot the place.
Plowterin roun the Sea o Galilee eftir
The fush didna suit nae mair;
He maun ower the muckle sea.

Oniewye, he's been blawin aboot his
Maister in some unco fremmit pairts.
Kickin up a stishie.
He tellt thai heathen that God loued 'em
An wad forgie 'em thair sins.
Did ye evir.

Weel. I dinna need ti tell ye.
In an oot o the jyle.
Rinnin fae ae airt til anither.
Ay some een eftir him- the magistrates or the kirk.
Thai catched him i the end.
Hine awa in Greece.

Ken fit?
He priggit ti be crucifeed on a cowped ower cross.
Said he wisna wordy o a richt een.
Did ye evit hear siccan a ferlie?

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