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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Those were the Days     by: Alston, Gavin

Fermin’s nae the same the day.
It’s modernised. There’s diversification.
They dinna ferm nooadays in the auld wye,
It’s aa reorganised tae feed the nation.

Beef replaced by soya, wool bi modern yarn
Milk produced withoot a coo…
Aabody fas somebody breedin rabbits in the barn
Nae sheaves or sma bales
O hey or strae noo.

The bothy ballads an country sangs hiv aa deed a daith
The days o Sandy Milne an his daunce band are in the past.
The bairns dinna play oot on the hills
Or ging pickin wild rasps or goosgogs,
It’s aa telly, computers, bein cool.

Naebody meets bi the auld meal mill.
If ye hae a marsh, it’s a grant-earnin Nature reserve,
Niver ‘a bog’.
Tractors an larries cost mair than a Rolls Royce
Wi aa the modern additions, smooth rinnin wi lots o pouer.

Naebody gaes tae Kirk every Sunday,
In the Lord they aa rejoice…
They’d raither watch the fermin programme
Or takk oot the mower.

Nae horses, binders, bale sledges, lots o helpin hans…
The lassies aa wint a detached toun hoose an car.
Government agencies that administrate
Near ain yer lan.

Afore ye ken it, yer redundant.
The future’s the bleakest ye iver saw.

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