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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Letter Fae the Tolbooth     by: MacIndoe, Joe

Dear Ma,
I've bin bidin here fur quite a lang time noo an bored sick. Aa I've bin daein is playin ma fiddle. In the Tolbooth aa ye get is a loo an a pile o hay tae sleep on. I suppose it's nae aa bad because ye still get a windae an a fine view.
I wint ye tae know that efter I've bin throttled on the rope I'll be leavin everythin tae you, ma. I don't hae much, bit ye can hae ma horse, ma money, ma 500 hide- aways, aa ma armour, ma da's hooses, aa ma claes, an onthyin else I hae.
Well, this is the last ye hear frae me, I leave ye sayin life's unfair!

Frae Wee

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