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Elphinstone Kist   Music, Bothy Ballads

The Auld Folks on the Wa     by: Allan, Charlie

Music by Charlie Allan - words by Charlie Allan and another

I have gey near hyowed the hail dreel, I've grazed the lang park noo.
My bairnies aa hiv scattered and idle stands my ploo.
I am left here wi my memories, scythe, tapner, swingletree
And my hoosie's wa's are harled wi the things that used tae be.

I have picters aye in dizzens, though they bear nae fancy names.
There's some hing in the parlour aa deen up in fancy frames.
But there's een that hings among them. It's my favourite o them aa.
Jist a douce auld fashioned photo, o the auld folks on the wa.

I've a paintin o Loch Lomond. I've Burns at the ploo.
Some Red Deer on the hillside, and the Greys at Waterloo.
There's a moonrise in the gloamin ower some auld historic ha
But somehow my ee aye wanders tae the auld folks on the wa.

I still see the Clydesdales swingin as they clatter up the close.
The single men wi bonnets aff come in tae get their brose.
The curlew's lonely cry I hear on the muir at even's fa.
Oh the memories crood in fan I see the auld folks on the wa.

I hear my mither scoldin fan we tore oor bits o claes.
An I feel the auld man's belt yet fan we set the hill ablaze,
But though lang, lang years have passed noo since they baith were taen awa
I'll aye revere and cherish the auld folks on the wa….

Jist a douce auld fashioned photo o the auld folks on the wa.

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