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Elphinstone Kist   Work

Comin Hame     by: Buchan, Bill

the dampt thing in an automatic response. Bit nae iss momin. Iss momin is

get ups. Ets a get up and go day. Last nicht fan ye finished yer supper ye felt

seem ti enjoy tellin ye aboot hoo foggy it is ootside or hoo bad it is back in

doon and listen ti them bumpin their gums. Of course aabody notices that

shave at certain times in a trip. Some fowk shave aa the time but they must

Even the smokey tae shack seems clearer iss momin and ye enjoy the banter

problems. Ye get some fowk fa widna gie ye the dirt aneth their finger nails

thocht. Ye ken ye wid dee the same for them tee.

in the world ye micht think. Aa that ye see afore ye is the twa wiks at hame.
Nae lookin back noo. Ye bide langer in the shower iss time. Savourin the
het wafter and deliberately thinkin aboot the faimily at hame. Of course

fortnicht, ye tak a licht lunch the day. Fit belt hole did it ging inti afore ye

great big orange survival suit gings on like a velvet glove iss time. Mair jokes

drink. Some ither men jist stan quaetly wytin. Routines again.

The awfa faint throbbin grows louder and ye can feel the rig shakkin as the
chopper touches doon. Ye picter the scene up abeen on the helideck and then

twa wiks ago. As ye swap life jackets and ear muffs wi yer back ti back ye gie

fine ti see the land appearin in the distance. As the helicopter leaves the
helideck the rig taks on a different view. Like sayin cheerio ti an aal freen.

Through yer little winda the cloods open up and ye watch little fishing

like ti dee. Awa in the distance a thin line grows thicker and ye can start
ti mak oot the landscape. Rattra Heid and the sans. Peterheid and the Bullers

Aiberdeen and ti mak sure yer seat belts are fussent. The excitement builds.

then the wheels gie a sma bump as they touch the runwye. The chopper has
hardly stopped ootside the terminal and the seatbelt licht has geen oot. As

the tarmac as if they can save a puckle seconds and mak their time ashore

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