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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Lost in Banff or Oor Cat     by: Unknown

Oor cattie wis rinnin
Aa ower the hoose,
On the loose,
As faist's a moose,
Fan Mam gied a shout,
"Get it intae the boot!
We're awa tae the vet!
Pit it intil a box,
An close doon the lid.
We're late as it is!"

Fan we got tae Low Street
An we opened the door,
He jumped oot on the street,
In amongst fowk's feet,
An then richt oot o sicht.
Mam sure got a fricht!

We drove richt roon the toon
For fit seemed like an oor.
Then we saw wir wee cattie,
As happy as Larry,
Nae a care in the warl,
Caperin in the aal kirkyaird!

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