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Elphinstone Kist     Seasons

A Christmas Prayer   by Rich, Lilianne Grant

Ae Mair Hairst   by Garry, Flora

Bonfire Nicht   by Glennie, James

Christmas   by Blackhall, Sheena

Cottar's Winter   by Wheeler, Les

Equinox (A Doric Version)   by Jaffray, Heather

Halloween   by Bennett, Elizabeth

Halloween   by Munro, Mary

Hogmanay   by Munro, Mary

Hogmanay in Cromar   by Green, Belle

In The Sunlicht   by Wheeler, Les

Lochside Thochts   by Wheeler, Les

Neep   by Blackhall, Sheena

Rain   by Blackhall, Sheena

Schule at Abyne in Wartime   by Gaffron, Aileen

Seasonal Thoughts   by Emslie, Mary

Sunty   by Glennie, James

Tae a Clootie Dumplin   by Emslie, Mary

The Collieston Hogmanay.   by Mackie, Dr. Lewis

The Drappin Drooth   by Mackie, Dr. Lewis

The First Signs o Winter   by Stewart, E.E.

The Scottish Year   by Blackhall, Sheena

The Tattie Howkin   by Munro, Mary

The Tryst   by Blackhall, Sheena

The Win   by Blackhall, Sheena

Three Tinkers   by Blackhall, Sheena

Winter   by Blackhall, Sheena

Winter   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Daisy Dey, Mrs. Moss, Bob Davidson, Mrs. Henderson)

Winter   by Gaffron, Aileen

Winter Fairm   by Wheeler, Les

Winter Fishing   by Wheeler, Les

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