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Elphinstone Kist     Rhymes bi Bairns

A Ground Swell   by Baxter, Marianne & Stewart, Lauren

A Hamster Caad Toffee   by McIntosh, Emily

A Partan   by Scott, Craig

A Richt Guid Bonnie Day   by Allardyce, Abigail

A Scotch Fair   by Munro, Amy & Cruickshank, Kirsty

A Scotch Fair   by Stewart, Ria

Aberdeen   by Findlay, Kelsey & Milne, Jenna

Aberdeen   by Linklater, Johan

Aberdeen   by Sim, Mike & Sharp, Steven

Afterglow   by Jorro, Zoe M.P.

Afterglow   by MacDonald, Andrew

Afterglow   by Mair, Johnathan

Afterglow   by Vangsted-Rees, Christian

Afterglow (1)   by Dignan, Sean

Afterglow (2)   by Ferries, Kayleigh

Afterglow (3)   by Armstrong, Catherine

Anely a Wish   by Tait, Shelley-Lyn

Anna's Pirhanah   by Easton, Calum

Argos   by Rae, Scott

At the Bank   by Calder, Alexander

At the Timmer Mairket   by Sim, Alan

Aye Dingin On   by Christie, Michael & Goodall, Andrew

Bad Day at School   by Wink, Rebecca

Beasties   by Garden, Roland

Big Buits   by Strachan, Sam

Blimps   by Hinchcliffe, Alan

Bright Eyes   by Lawson, Hope

Brither an Sister   by Maclaren, Kymberly

Brither an Sister   by Slevin, Adelle

Brithers an Sisters   by Baillie, Marc

Caal   by Bain, Kimberly

Car Crash   by Pont, Michael G.

Christmas   by Watt, Alexander

Collie an Bulldug   by Duthie, Sarah

Earth   by Ingram, Kevin

Faain Oot   by Pollard, Jenna

Fae Me Tae You   by Mackie, Stacey

Fae the Burn Tae the Sea   by Henderson, Liam

Fair   by Brown, Andrew

Fairmyaird   by Lawson, Hope

Fan it's Hett   by Allen, Claire

Fa’n the lichts gied oot in Buckie (it wis’nae me)   by Wilson, Kieran

Fire Alarm   by Macdonald, Jayne

Fit Can I Buy?   by Anderson, Carly

Fit Tae Dae This Summer's Day:   by Hasler, Alison

Fitba   by Kenn, Michael

Flood in the Highlands   by Craigmile, Darren & Hepburn, Sean

Flood in the Highlands   by O’ Hagan, Darren

Flood in the Highlands   by Russell, Deborah

Flood in the Highlands   by Steele, Richard

Foo I saved the Wid   by Smith, Matthew

Freens   by Hunt, Jennifer

Fyvie Castle Ghaist   by Davidson, James

Fyvie Ghosts   by Rollo, Greig

Gaun tae the fitba match   by Stewart, Scott

Geese   by Cuthill, Catriona

Guitar   by Brown, Gemma

Hamster   by Simpson, John

Heilan Mary   by Robinson, Roxanna

Heilan Mary   by Scott, Daniel

Heilan Mary (1)   by Lawson, Nicola

Heilan Mary (2)   by Flanagan, John

Here Comes the Bride   by Lamb, Kirsty

Highland Mary   by Court, Emily

Holiday Time   by Cheyne, Leanne

I Can See   by Samuel, Claire

I Dinna Want tae Gang tae School   by Fleming, Rachel

It’s Winter   by Beattie, Julia

I’m Gled I’m Nae a Loon   by Osgood, Flora & Treneary, Saoirse

Lady o the Lan   by Beedie, Shaunna-Leigh

Lost in Banff or Oor Cat   by Unknown

Luther Burn   by McIntyre, Claire

Ma Brither is a Pest   by Webster, Anita

Ma Dog   by McGougan, Stephanie

Ma Dug Jake   by Lees, Jamie

Ma Freens   by Hendry, Jade

Ma Kittlin   by Gauci, Jenny

Ma Room   by Smith, Sarah

Ma Skeeteboord   by Allan, Dugald

Ma Tractor   by Paton, Peter

Ma Wee Sister   by Summers, Stuart

Me an ma Sister   by Duthie, Stephen-John

Memories o Mine   by Stewart, Hayley

Mi Guinea-Pig   by Buchan, Valeen

My Hamster   by Brown, Kieron

My Hoose   by El Gaddafi, Najette

My Hoose   by Hay, Jonathan

My Hoose   by Penny, Shona

Nae School the Day!   by Harper, Michael

Natur   by Swan, Jim

Nature   by Hunt, Jennifer

Oor Wullie Frae Mars   by Stratton, Ashley

Pet Shop   by Steehouder, Ryan

Portrait of a Girl   by Dalziel, Ailsa

Puir Bairns   by Buchan, Steffan

Puir Bairns   by Strachan, Fraser

Rabbie Burns   by Kareen Webster

Responsibility   by Hastie, Julie

Restaurant   by Gallacher, Jemma

Sandy the Spaceman: A Class Renga   by South Esk Primary 5

Saturns' Rings   by Duncan, Lee

Scania   by Wink, Tom

Scotland   by Forbes, Laura

Scots Poem   by Gibbs, Zac

Scots Poem   by Hudson, Danielle

Seasons   by Joss, Nicola

Security Camera   by Burnett, Kerry Ann

Security Guard   by Ross Couling, Matthew Bartlett, Shaun Gellie, Bryan Robertson

Smoking!   by Ford, Steven

Storm in the Heilans   by Dyker, Stephanie

Sweets   by Mckeogh, Mark

Tae School   by Bruce, Rebekka

Tarland Primary   by Robb, Owen

The Alien   by Ann, Kerry

The Beautiful Landscape   by McBain, Christopher

The Beech Wid   by Robertson, Donna

The Bonnie Quine Mystery   by James, Hannah

The Brig o Banff   by Ms W de Rusett(group co-ordinator) and the Doocot View Friday Afternoon poetry group

The Bulb   by Webb, Kayley

The Bus Queue   by Toolan, Gemma

The Chatterbox   by Brown, Liam

The Christening   by Wilson, Alix

The Convalescent   by McEwan, Samantha

The Coo   by Ledingham, Scott

The Coorse Quine   by Hendry, Jade

The Coos   by Wink, Ronald

The Crichie Weather Poem/ Sang   by Stuartfield Class Composition

The Earth   by Middleton, Mhairi

The Fair   by Morphen, Kane

The Fairmer's Wife   by Stuart, Michelle

The Fite Yowe   by Lawie, Kirsty

The Flood   by Buchan, Sarah

The Flood   by Clark, David

The Flood   by Robertson, Michael

The Goose Girl (1)   by Kerry

The Green Machine   by Gregor, Rory

The Guitar   by Brown, Gemma.I.

The Guitar   by Clark, Cheryl

The Haggis   by Runcie, Shona

The Howlin Win   by Mitchell, Kyllie

The Ill-Natured Westie   by Innes, Stephen

The Journey   by Kennedy, Elizabeth

The Lone Wolf   by Unknown

The Match   by Grant, Nick

The Meen   by Blacklaw, Stuart

The Mercat Cross   by Finnie, Zara

The Neep   by Allen, Katie

The Nicht Sky   by Pyper, Lewis

The Palm Tree   by Davidson, Euan Moir

The Poppy   by Murray, Kirsten

The Reid Coo   by Anderson, Paul

The Security Guard   by Fyvie, Karen

The Shoppie   by Stewart, Lauren

The Space Dug   by Wilson, Leanna

The Stars in the Wids   by Farquhar, Nicola & Wright, Rebekah

The Storm at the Beach   by Smith, Steven

The Telephone   by McKenzie, Ryan

The Thistle   by Gillies, Hannah

The Three Tinkers   by Stewart, Andrea

The Tolbooth   by Burnett, Tanya

The Weather Cock / Aa Year Roon   by Lindsey

The Wee Man Frae Dundee   by Ford, Steven

The Wifie   by Price, Kirsty

Titian Preparing to make his first Essay in Colour   by Hutcheon, Alison

Venus   by Lynch, Thomas

View of Aberdeen   by McCormick, Bernadette

Wauk in the Wids   by Farmer, Barry

Wid in a Howe   by Skinner, Scott

Winnin the Cup   by Leslie, Darren

Winter   by Massie, Stuart

Winter Games   by Parkinson, Kayleigh

Winter’s Wid   by Bradbury, Lucy, Cruickshank, Sara & Turnbull, Jessica

Yon Buzzard   by Rowena

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