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Elphinstone Kist     Maakers

A Christmas Prayer   by Rich, Lilianne Grant

A Question o Mainners   by Middleton, Ian

Aberdeen of Old   by Forsyth, William

Ae Mair Hairst   by Garry, Flora

Aiberdeen The Day   by Mackie, Alastair

Auld Alliance   by Gordon, Donald

Ave Atque Vale   by Morrice, Ken

Bonfire Nicht   by Glennie, James

Caul Kail   by Morrice, Ken

Chaumer Music   by Diack, Hunter

Confirmed Bachelor   by Gordon, Donald

Coronach   by Scott, Alexander

Dicht Yer Nib, Geordie   by Milne, J.C.

Elspet   by Rorie, Dr. David

Father and Son (1941)   by Diack, Hunter

Freedom   by Barbour, John

From The Bruce   by Barbour, John

Hairy Tatties   by Buchan, Peter

Heart of Stone   by Scott, Alexander

In a Little Old Town   by Angus, Marion

Primary Teachers   by Mackie, Alastair

Sic Transit   by Caie, J.M.

So, We’ll Go No More A‘Roving   by Byron, Lord George Gordon

Sunty   by Glennie, James

Tempora Mutantor   by Milne, J.C.

The Empty Playground   by Rich, Lilianne Grant

The Fishers   by Wood, Rev. James S.

The Glen’s Muster-Roll - The Dominie Loquitur   by Symon, Mary

The Horseman’s Word   by Christie, William

The Humble Tattie   by Middleton, Ian

The Jolly Beggar   by Traditional

The Lum Hat Wantin’ The Croon   by Rorie, Dr. David

The Norlan’ Fiddle   by MacGillivray, J. Pittendrigh

The Puddock   by Caie, J.M.

The Queen’s Progress at Aberdeen   by Dunbar, William

The Warld   by Jacob, Violet

The Whistle   by Murray, Charles

The Win’ in ‘is Face   by Buchan, Peter

There’s Aye a Something   by Murray, Charles

To Suffie, Last Of The Buchan Fishwives   by Garry, Flora

Tullochgoram   by Skinner, Rev. John

Urn Burial   by Bruce, George

Young Byron In Aberdeen   by Scott, Alexander

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