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Elphinstone Kist     Folk-History

A Daith in the Faimly   by Davidson, Margaret

A Day in the Life of an Inshore Line Fisherman (circa 1920)   by Mackie, Dr. Lewis

A Fisherman's Memories   by Donn, J

A Secret Keepit   by Bremner, Jimmy

A Traivellin Quine   by Penny, Cecelia

A Trip tae the Blue Toon   by Ritchie, Kathleen

Abyne Games An Ither Memries   by Green, Belle

Aiberdeen at War   by Westbank Reminiscence Group (Chris Milne, Beatrice Bisset, Robert Kilgour, Agnes Kinnaird)

Aiberdeen in the 1920s   by Fergus House Reminiscence Group (From a group session run by Sheena Blackhall & Pam Strachan)

An Appreentiss Vricht o 1944.   by Ritchie, Sandy

Andrew Gove Cargill of Gourdon   by Craig, Celia

Auntie Belle fae Keith   by Forbes, Bertha

Bairnhood Memories   by Dalgarno, Patricia

Balmellie Farm & Thereaboots   by Rennie, Mr & Mrs

Becoming a Filleter   by Robertson, Stanley

Bennachie   by Watson, Algy

Braemar, the Snawy Airt   by Thain, Isabella

Buchan Langsyne   by Duncan, Mr & Mrs

Burglar Alarms Langyne   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Mr Robbie, New Aberdour)

Byre Kitchen and Stable   by Birnie, Rev. Charles

Climmin Bennachie   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Daisy Dey, Inverurie)

College Bounds in the 1920s (Auld Aiberdeen)   by Morrice, Molly

Confessions o a Poacher   by Munro, Mary

Dunkirk: James Lownie of Gourdon   by Craig, Celia

Fish, Trams, Barras   by Westbank Reminiscence Group (Chris Milne, Robert Kilgour, Agnes Kinnaird, Beatrice Bisset)

Fishin Langsyne (Collieston, 1930s)   by Robertson, John

Fishin Memories   by Lovie, J. Mrs

Flee Cemetaries an Futterats   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Mr. Robbie, Mrs. Robbie, Sandy Walker, Sandy Robertson)

From an Interview on Fishing with Celia Craig   by Donaldson, Alan

Geordie Gray   by Duncan, Jock

George Leiper of Stonehaven   by Craig, Celia

Gourdon Memories (1)   by Craig, Celia

Gourdon Memories (2)   by Craig, Celia

Granny Davidson   by Munro, Mary

Growin up Aside the Gadie   by Watson, Algy

Halloween   by Bennett, Elizabeth

Halloween   by Munro, Mary

Hogmanay   by Munro, Mary

Hogmanay in Cromar   by Green, Belle

Huntin, Sheetin, Fishin   by Dowell, Dan et al

In the Playgrun (Aiberdeen)   by Westbank Reminiscence Group (Chris Milne, Beatrice Bisset)

Inverurie Langsyne   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Daisy Dey, aged 91)

Life at a Big Hoose   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Mrs Henderson, Ellon)

Life in a Deeside Village   by Gaffron, Aileen

Life on a Birse Fairm   by Farquharson, Helen

Life on a Keith Fairm   by Gerrie, Margaret

Love’s Labour Lost, or Wis it?   by Leighton, Marischal

Luikin fur a Click:   by Westbank Reminiscence Group (Chris Milne, Beatrice Bisset)

Midgies, the Undead, and Conversation Lozenges.   by Broomhill Reminscence Group (Daisy Dey)

Muggie-Anne   by Creighton, Elma

My Life   by Brown, John

Neebora   by Elrick, Pearl

Observations an Experiences in the Life of a Buchan Country Loon   by Easton, Gordon

Peats an Claik   by Robertson, Arthur

Portrait of a Granny.   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Mrs Moss)

Schule at Abyne in Wartime   by Gaffron, Aileen

Schules an Sheep Faulds bi the Dee   by Taylor, Alistair

Street Traders an life aroon the Castlegate 1920s- 1930s   by Constitution Court Oral History Group (Rosie Allan, Madge McDermott, Jim McDonald, Chrissie Yule, Betty Robertson, John Flett)

The Aul Sodger   by Johnston, William

The Aul' Wash Hoose.   by Johnston, William

The Bothy or Chaumer (Fairm)   by Reid, Anne

The German Invasion o Dess, an the Hunt for the Pink Elephants.   by Taylor, Alistair

The Gow Stane   by Farquhar, Jim

The Granfaither Clock   by Taylor, Alistair

The Life o The Exciseman   by Duff, Andrew

The Loons fa Niver Grew Aul   by Green, Belle

The Milkmaid   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Mrs Robbie)

The Peer o the Pairish (An Owersettin inno Scots bi Sheena Blackhall o a true tale bi George Reid, Inspector o the Peer, Aiberdeen)   by Reid, George

The Tattie Howkin   by Munro, Mary

The Wird o' God   by Munro, Mary

Uncle Sandy’s Gless Ee   by Taylor, Alistair

Washin Day Langsyne   by Westbank Reminiscence Group (Chris Milne, Robert Kilgour, Jane Irvine, Agnes Kinnaird, Beatrice Bisset)

Winter   by Broomhill Reminiscence Group (Daisy Dey, Mrs. Moss, Bob Davidson, Mrs. Henderson)

Winter   by Gaffron, Aileen

Wirk   by Green, Belle

Yer First Date   by Munro, Mary

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