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Elphinstone Kist     Doric Prose

A Bit o' Houghmagandie!   by Munro, Mary

A Bul Binder   by John Henderson

A Fettercairn Loon   by Blackhall, Sheena

A Letter to Aberdeenshire H.Q.   by Creighton, Elma

A Traiveller’s Champion   by Robertson, Stanley

An Evening in Paris   by Morrice, Molly

An Owersetting inno the Doric o 1 Corinthians 13   by Booth, Gordon

Caff Davie of the Ordie   by Gillanders, Elizabeth

Draft Rendition: Genesis, Ch. 1, v. 1 to Genesis Ch. 2, v. 3.   by Gardner, Dr Bruce K.

Elvis   by Morrice, Molly

Fit a Let Doon!   by Leighton, Marischal

Fite Loaf an' Reed Wine   by Munro, Mary

Granny’s War 1939-46   by Allan, Betty

Grounded   by Blackhall, Sheena

Hunt e Gowk   by Johnston, Mary

It’s Later Than you Think   by Wyness, Lys

Jamie Fleeman, 1713-1778. (The Laird o'Widney's Feel.)   by Johnston, William G

Kosova 4a.m.   by Bray, Leslie

Last of the Mo Haguses   by Robertson, Stanley

Learning the Good Book   by Chalmers, Aimee

Letter Tae a Namesake   by Birnie, Rev. Charles

Monkey Business in Dundee   by Leighton, Marischal W.M.

Moray Firth   by Flann, Anne

Nae Eneuch Girss Ti Feed A Coo   by Johnston, Mary

Prodigal Son   by Elphinstone, George

Scots Advent (A piece eence deen fur the wireless)   by Ogston, David

Shelts   by Blackhall, Sheena

Sports Day   by Blackhall, Sheena

Strachan’s Bus   by Munro, Mary

Tea   by Millar, Robert McColl

The Cowpit Cairt   by Mackie, Dr Lewis

The Glorious Twelfth   by Munro, Mary

The Gweed Samaritan   by Elphinstone, George

The Lost Bairn   by Munro, Mary

The Minefield 1935-46   by Allan, Betty

The Mustard Seed (Mark Ch 4 verses 26-41)   by Elphinstone, George

The Ootlin   by Ogston, David

The Sawer (Mark 4 verses 1-20)   by Elphinstone, George

The Tattie Bogle   by Robertson, Stanley

The Wird o God   by Munro, Mary

The Wye The Coyote Howls   by Blackhall, Sheena

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