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Elphinstone Kist     Art

A Convalescent   by Mackintosh, Annie

A Ground Swell   by Baxter, Marianne & Stewart, Lauren

A Ruin in a Clearing   by McCormick, Annmarie

A Scotch Fair   by Munro, Amy & Cruickshank, Kirsty

A Scotch Fair   by Stewart, Ria

A Stitch in Time   by Wheeler, Les

Aberdeen   by Findlay, Kelsey & Milne, Jenna

Aberdeen   by Linklater, Johan

Aberdeen   by Sim, Mike & Sharp, Steven

Afterglow   by Jorro, Zoe M.P.

Afterglow   by MacDonald, Andrew

Afterglow   by Mair, Johnathan

Afterglow   by Vangsted-Rees, Christian

Afterglow (1)   by Dignan, Sean

Afterglow (2)   by Ferries, Kayleigh

Afterglow (3)   by Armstrong, Catherine

Aiberdeen Herbour   by Clubb, Barry

Aikey Fair   by Blackhall, Sheena

Anely a Wish   by Tait, Shelley-Lyn

Art in North East Scotland   by Atherton, David

Big Buits   by Strachan, Sam

Blimps   by Hinchcliffe, Alan

Boaties   by Carle, Lewis

Boy and Girl   by Gay, Christopher

Bricht Een   by Gammack, Nicola

Bricht Een   by Hayward, Amy

Bricht Een   by Mutch, Keelie

Bright Eyes   by Lawson, Hope

Brither an Sister   by Maclaren, Kymberly

Brither an Sister   by Slevin, Adelle

Brithers an Sisters   by Baillie, Marc

Collie an Bulldug   by Duthie, Sarah

Cottar's Winter   by Wheeler, Les

Fair   by Brown, Andrew

Fairmyaird   by Lawson, Hope

Fechts   by Ogston, David. D.

Flood   by Blackhall, Sheena

Flood in the Highlands   by Craigmile, Darren & Hepburn, Sean

Flood in the Highlands   by O’ Hagan, Darren

Flood in the Highlands   by Russell, Deborah

Flood in the Highlands   by Steele, Richard

Foo I saved the Wid   by Smith, Matthew

Fusslin Jock   by Blackhall, Sheena

Fyvie Castle   by Davidson, Hannah

Fyvie Castle   by Kennedy, Kaleigh

Fyvie Castle   by Warren, Josh

Fyvie Castle Ghaist   by Davidson, James

Fyvie Ghosts   by Rollo, Greig

Gallowgate Lard   by Aikman, Rebecca

Geese   by Cuthill, Catriona

Geordie Jamesone   by Blackhall, Sheena

Goose-Herd   by Blackhall, Sheena

Guitar   by Brown, Gemma

Heilan Mary   by Dixon, Fiona

Heilan Mary   by Robinson, Roxanna

Heilan Mary   by Scott, Daniel

Heilan Mary   by Wheeler, Les

Heilan Mary (1)   by Lawson, Nicola

Heilan Mary (2)   by Flanagan, John

Here Comes the Bride   by Lamb, Kirsty

Highland Mary   by Court, Emily

Highland Mary   by Fraser, Kate

I Dinna Want tae Gang tae School   by Fleming, Rachel

In The Sunlicht   by Wheeler, Les

I’m Gled I’m Nae a Loon   by Osgood, Flora & Treneary, Saoirse

Jist Waatch It!   by Wheeler, Les

Lady o the Lan   by Beedie, Shaunna-Leigh

Lochside Thochts   by Wheeler, Les

Lowsin Time   by Wheeler, Les

Ma Wee Sister   by Summers, Stuart

Me an ma Sister   by Duthie, Stephen-John

Moray Firth   by Flann, Anne

Portrait of a Girl   by Dalziel, Ailsa

Puir Bairns   by Buchan, Steffan

Responsibility   by Hastie, Julie

Responsibility   by Kennedy, Jonathan

Shairp Practice   by Wheeler, Les

Shift It!   by Wheeler, Les

Silent   by Foote, Emily

Storm in the Heilans   by Dyker, Stephanie

The Aul Scotch Fair   by Wheeler, Les

The Beach   by McMillan, Stephanie

The Beautiful Landscape   by McBain, Christopher

The Beech Wid   by Robertson, Donna

The Bonnie Quine Mystery   by James, Hannah

The Christening   by Wilson, Alix

The Convalescent   by McEwan, Samantha

The Fair   by Morphen, Kane

The Ferryman   by Kelman, Steven

The Ferryman   by Lyons, Callum

The Ferryman   by Mackie, Lewis Dr.

The Ferryman   by Wheeler, Les

The Flood   by Buchan, Sarah

The Flood   by Clark, David

The Flood   by Robertson, Michael

The Goose Girl (1)   by Kerry

The Guitar   by Brown, Gemma.I.

The Guitar   by Clark, Cheryl

The Herrin Fleet   by Blackhall, Sheena

The Lang Road Hame   by Blackhall, Sheena

The Merriege o Convenience   by Blackhall, Sheena

The Sea Warld Pairty   by Swinhoe, Lauren

The Serpent an the Fairy Tree   by Wheeler, Les

The Stars in the Wids   by Farquhar, Nicola & Wright, Rebekah

The Storm at the Beach   by Smith, Steven

The Tryst   by Blackhall, Sheena

The Weary Waste O Snaa   by MacDonald, Alix

The Weary Waste o Snaa   by Paterson, Chloe

The Weary Waste o Snaa   by Urquhart, Mark

The Wifie   by Price, Kirsty

Thoughts on a Scottish Baptism   by Goodall, Phyllis J.

Three Tinkers   by Blackhall, Sheena

Titian   by Hepburn, Molly

Titian Preparing to make his first Essay in Colour   by Hutcheon, Alison

Tussle fur the Keg   by Blackhall, Sheena

View o Aiberdeen   by Blackhall, Sheena

View of Aberdeen   by McCormick, Bernadette

Wauk in the Wids   by Farmer, Barry

Wid in a Howe   by Skinner, Scott

Winnerin   by Aitchison, Alex

Winter   by Massie, Stuart

Winter Fairm   by Wheeler, Les

Winter Fishing   by Wheeler, Les

Winter’s Wid   by Bradbury, Lucy, Cruickshank, Sara & Turnbull, Jessica

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