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University of Aberdeen

Work-based Project

This module will take participants who opt intocompleting a workbasedprojectforward towards Degree at Masters level. It aims to support participants as they frame, specify, plan, carry out and report, an academic or work-related research-based investigation or development.

By the end of this course participants will be able to plan an investigation or development in, or related to, their own professional setting, informed by an understanding of the components of formal research or enquiry including:

  • an appropriate searching and interrogation of the literature
  • the formulation of appropriate research questions or targets
  • the selection of an appropriate research methodology
  • the planning and management of data collection procedures
  • procedures for data processing and reporting
  • identify data collection techniques appropriate to different forms of systematic enquiry and the mechanisms which enhance the reliability and validity of data
  • identify the range of research methods used in major studies within your own field, and understand their strengths and limitations
  • develop a detailed research or development proposal and plan specifying an appropriate investigation as the basis for your work
  • execute a significant project of research, investigation or development relevant to your professional setting
  • communicate and report your findings, conclusions and recommendations.


Through a series ofonline teaching, web cam sessions, participants are supported through a series of online units of study and associated research guides covering:

  • Undertaking a Literature Search
  • Doing a Literature Review
  • Interrogating Research Reports
  • Presenting a Research Plan and Proposal
  • Research Methods
  • Action Research: A Strategy for Developing Professionals
  • Paradigms of Research
  • Data Gathering Techniques
  • Ensuring Quality Evidence
  • Academic Writing
  • Preparing your Dissertation or Work-based Project Report


The final summative assessment is a 15,000 18,000 word assignment presented as a formal dissertation or work-based project report. Assessment will be criteria-based.