Producing usable and accessible eLearning content

In order to comply with the Disability and Equality Act (2010) all eLearning materials need to be accessible to disabled students. Students with severe visual impairments may not be able to see images or video, deaf students will not be able to hear audio files or video soundtracks, students with Dyslexia will struggle with text heavy materials. In most cases improving the accessibility, and usability, of eLearning materials will improve the online experience for everyone.

The University of Aberdeen's Virtual Learning Environment MyAberdeen is based upon the Blackboard Learn 9.1 environment which has won awards for its accessibility, however it can only be as accessible as the content which is uploaded into it.

In order to help staff produce accessible content for MyAberdeen, the eLearning team have produced:

If you would like to make comments, suggestions or amendments to these materials; or would like further advice on producing accessible content for MyAberdeen, please contact Pete at / on (01224) (27) 3766.