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This database provides access to the c.1,300 loose engravings and woodcuts that form part of the MacBean Collection.

The MacBean Stuart and Jacobite Collection is a resource of international importance. Some 3,500 books and 1,000 pamphlets cover every aspect of the Jacobite rebellions, the causes and effects, and the personalities, royal, national and local. Moreover, the Collection offers much promising background material for research into many aspects of the late-seventeenth or eighteenth centuries. Catalogue entries for the printed books can be found through the University Library Catalogue.

The collection was donated to Aberdeen University Library in 1919 by William M. MacBean. For further information see Mabel Allardyce, Aberdeen University Library MacBean Collection... (Aberdeen: AUP, 1949).

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The collection is physically organised into four sections

Box 1: Portraits, A-I
Box 2: Portraits, J-Z

Box 3: Topographical subjects
Box 4: Historical incidents, Jacobite relics, etc

Each record within the database contains the following elements:

Reference number
Details box number and print number

Portraits A-Z (Boxes 1 and 2)
Name (dates of birth and death); occupation or other details relevant to subject, with source of reference, if known; (a) artist; (e) engraver; (p) printer/publisher; date of execution/publication; identification; size in centimetres.

For example:
B1 31
Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester (1662-1732); imprisoned in the Tower for alleged connection with an attempt to restore the Stuarts, 1720, banished, entered service of the Old Pretender; DNB (Dictionary of National Biography); (a) G Kneller; (e) J Chapman; (p) J Wilkes; 1798; CEBP (Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits) vii; 14.2 x 9.4 cms.

Topographical subjects (Box 3)
Subject/place, parish/town, county, country if outside Britain; (a) artist; (e) engraver; (p) printer/publisher; date of execution/publication; size in centimetres.

For example:
B3 2
Cumberland's Quarters, Guestrow, Aberdeen, 1746; (e) J B; 12.2. x 8.4 cms.

Historical incidents, Jacobite relics, etc. (Box 4)
Name (dates of birth and death); occupation, if known; description with place and date where possible; source with page reference if appropriate; (a) artist; (e) engraver; (p) printer/publisher; date of execution/publication; identification; size in centimetres.

For example:
B4 200
William Maxwell, 5th Earl of Nithsdale (1676-1744); Jacobite; escaping from Tower of London, 1716, aided by his wife, Winifred, having been condemned to death after being taken prisoner at Preston, 1715; DNB; (a0 E M Osborn; (e) F Fraenkel; (p) Blackie & Son; 16.3 x 12.1 cms.

If the information is an informed approximation then it is entered in square brackets

All captions prepared by Peter Mennie and Mary Pryor.

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