STAR Award Employability Scholarship Competition

STAR Enterprise Competition

What is the competition about?


The Employability Scholarship Competition sponsored by the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, encouraged students to creatively showcase their learning and achievements developed through their STAR Award role.

Applicants were asked to demonstrate their STAR Award learning and skills development through either creating a short video, authoring an inspirational 500 word case study, designing an A1 poster or using any other innovative communication channel. The competition was open to any STAR Award student in the academic year 2015-16.


  • First prize - £750 scholarship
  • Second prize - £500 scholarship
  • Third prize - £250 scholarship
  • The winning entries will be showcased at the STAR Award Ceremony in October 2016.


Competition Image

Graeme Butler (Talent Acquisition Specialist) from Enterprise Rent-A-Car with the £750 prize


What was the selection criteria?


The juding panel consisted of members of Careers Service and Enterprise Rent-A-Car staff, who used the selection criteria below. The panel would like to express how impressed they were with the high number of quality entries received, which made judging very difficult!


  • The extent to which the submission markets and raises awareness and the ethos of STAR.
  • The ability to extol to the wider University community the impact the STAR Award has had on you, and to identify, articulate and evidence your skills and attribute development within the Award.
  • The capability to showcase how the STAR Award has enhanced your employability.
  • The skill used to capture your STAR journey in an innovative and engaging way.
  • The ability to portray how receipt of the Enterprise Scholarship would aid your employability.


The Winning Entries


1st Prize, £750 - Daniel Kaminek, MA (Hons) Politics and International Relations student and School Convenor.


2nd Prize, £500 - Lindsay Ross, MA (Hons) History student and President of the Aberdeen Women's Football Club.


3rd Prize, £250 - Kaitlyn Dynes, final year Medicine (MBChB) student and Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) Team Leader.

Congratulations to all of our competition winners! 

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