Folio 320v

Litany with tropes and final collects, continued.

Prayer, Domine Ihesu Christe fili dei vivi quoniam, continued.

Burnet Psalter image.  University of Aberdeen. ... co-equal in honour, glory and majesty with the Father and the Holy Spirit and one with them in substance. The author asks that Christ may not suffer him to perish but may save and help him, whom he has redeemed with his blood.

tre eterno et spiritu sancto equus honor eadem gloria co\eterna maiestas una substancia te laudo te a\doro te glorifico ne me obsecro perire paciaris,\ sed salva et adiuva me gratuito munere tuo\ quem redimere dignatus es precioso sanguine\ tuo. Qui cum patre et spiritu sancto.

Spiritus sancte deus\ miserere nobis. Amen.\

Prayer, Domine spiritus sancte deus qui coequalis.

A prayer (see folio 40r) glorifying the Holy Spirit, who is one with God the Father and the Son and who descended in the form of a dove upon Christ and as tongues of fire upon the his disciples. The author asks that the Holy Spirit may drive away the darkness of evil and kindle within him the light of God's mercy and the fire of his love.

Domine spiritus sancte deus qui coequalis\ coeternus et consubstancialis patri\ filioque existens ab eis ineffabiliter procedis qui\ super eundem dominum nostrum Ihesum Christum in columbe\ specie super sanctos discipulos in linguis igneis de\scendisti te laudo te adoro te glorifico repelle que\so tenebras tocius iniquitatis et perfidie ac\cende in me lumen misericordie tue et ignem sanctis\simi et suavissimi amoris tui. Qui cum patre.\


Prayer, Omnipotens sempiterne deus mestorum.

A prayer to God (see folio 251r; SM, p 111; SME, 1, p 256), asking that he may receive the prayers of those who are troubled; that all may enjoy his mercy according to their need ...

Omnipotens sempiterne deus\ mestorum consolacio laborancium forti\tudo perveniant ad te preces de qua\cumque tribulacione clamancium ut omnes\ sibi in necessitatibus suis misericordiam tuam gaudeant\

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