Folio 108v

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave virgo virginum.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary (verses 1-13, AH, 30, pp 268-70). The author invokes her as the flower of virgins and star of the sea and by other titles reflecting her sweetness, purity and grace, as the virgin mother of Christ our saviour. He asks her to intercede for us with the Lord and that his praise may be acceptable to her. Filled with grace and adorned with the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit, she believed the words spoken to her and gave birth while yet a virgin. Adorned by the sun and stars, she reigns as queen in the heights of heaven. She is a vessel of purity, throne of God's majesty, shrine of the Spirit and temple of holiness, intended to root out the tares of our depravity. Through the Spirit, the Father united divinity with her humanity, to bring forth the word made flesh and deliver us from every sin.

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Ave virgo virginum
flos et maris stel\la
[stella] lumen gestans luminum\
puritatis cella
sordes tergens cri\minum
invite [in vita] novella
semper apud dominum\
pro nobis appella <interpella>.

Maria fons venie
fons\ mellis et roris
fons misericordie
puteus dulcoris
por\ta regni <regis> glorie
parens salvatoris
grata tue gracie\
mei sit laus oris.

Gracia multiplici
ple\na venustatis <venustaris>
que dono septemplici
spiritus\ ornaris,
credens verbo simplici
virgo sacra <sanctum> pa\ris,
et mereris effici
parens expers paris <maris>.

Ple\na medicamine
sole purpuratur <purpurata>
refecta libami\ne
nimis delicatur <delicata>,
omni plenitudine <pulchritudine>
siderum\ ornata,
in polorum culmine
regnans <regnas> corona\ta.

Dominus rex omnium
te vas puritatis\
sibi fecit solium
domum maiestatis,
spiritus\ sacrarium
templum sanctitatis <trinitatis>,
ut purgares\ lollium
nostre pravitatis.

Tecum iuncto nu\mine
verbum incarnavit,
genitor cum fla\mine
per quod liberavit,
nos ab omni crimine\
teque consecravit
quod lucens in virgine

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