Folio 105r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Cunctis excelcior, continued.

By the seed of God, who overthrew the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, the Virgin has given birth to a giant. The author asks her that Christ may pour forth true joy on him in his sadness. Repentance weighs heavily upon him, sucking the marrow from his soul, as he shrivels; sad now when he should be merry, he repents of the good times he once had; in his misery he breaks out in a sweat. In order that he may repent more effectively, he asks the Virgin that she may be a mother to him, a place of refuge; that through her he should find salvation. Not by sacrifice but by the effectiveness of her prayers may he be plucked from the torments forever around him, from the muddy lake of misery.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998

nem ligas
Pharaonis obruit
equos et quadri\gas
semine substancie
natus ex te gygas

Sancta\ virgo virginum
sancta mater Christi
per quam lumen\ luminum
mundo fulsisti
per te fons leticie
quam tu\ produxisti,
verum fundat gaudium
michi vere tri\sti,

me contristat miserum
gravis penitudo\
que medullas anime
suggit ut irugo [erugo]
ago\ penitenciam
meror iam ludo
me lusisse penitet\
in merore sudo

sed ut iam salubrius
penitere [peniteret]\ anima [animam]
et ut vita pateat
per te vite viam
reo michi\ filio
sis in matrem piam
in domum refugii
per\ quam salvus fiam.

Non per sacrificium
bonis \ [immolatis]
sed per efficaciam
tue sancte precis
de tormen\tis eruar
sempiterne mecum
de lacu miserie
et de\ luto fecis. Amen.

Hymn , Omnis virtus te.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary (RH, 3, p 461). The author asks her, for the sake of Christ's bloody wounds which she beheld weeping, that we may be made worthy to see her, and seeing her to rejoice, in heaven.

Omnis virtus te deco\rat
omnis sanctus te honorat
in celesti patria,
omnes\que benedicunt
et laudantes tibi [dulcissima\ misericordia] dicunt,
[dulcissima misericordia]
Ave plena gracia
propter plagas\ Ihesu Christi
quas cruentas flens vidisti
pro nostra mi\seria,
fac nos dignos te videre
et videndo te\ gaudere
in celesti patria. Amen.

Ave Maria gracia\

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