Folio 84v

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave virgo virginum stella matutina, continued.

... and mother of grace, who conceived, bore and gave to the world the king of glory, bringer of forgiveness. The author invokes the Virgin as the mother of Christ, the life, the way and the truth, who yet remained an unspoiled virgin; for it was because of her humility that God was made flesh within her. He invokes her sweetness; the fruit of her womb was the lamb of God, through whom man was cleansed of his evil and the devil conquered. He invokes her as our firm hope, the branch of Jesse (Isaiah, 11:4), wet with the dew of heaven (Daniel, 4:11), beautiful as the gleaming snow. He salutes her as the light of the faithful, shining like the dawn, fairer than the lily ...

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Atque mater gracie quando concepisti,\
Summum regem glorie quem post peperisti.\
Largitorem venie mundo contulisti.\


Vita via veritas est de terra nata,\
Et semper virginitas restat illibata,\
Nam tua humilitas fuit operata,\
Quod in te divinitas esset incarnata.\


Dulcedo dulcedinis fructus benedictus,\
Ventris tui virginis agnus dei dictus,\
Cuius unda sanguinis homo derelictus,\
Lotus labe criminis est et demon victus.\

Et spes nostra.\

Et spes nostra solida es virgo Maria,\
Virga Yesse florida ut in Ysaia,\
Rore celi madida dicit prophesia,\
Pulcra ut nix candida dei mater pia.\


Salve lux fidelium fulgens ut aurora,\
Que es supra lylium pulcra et decora,\

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