Folio 72r

Devotions to the cross and passion of Jesus Christ, continued.

Prayer, Deus qui pro, continued

The author asks God, through his passion, to deliver him from the torments of hell; through his cross, to deliver him from the temptations of the devil, the world and the flesh, and from his enemies, visible and invisible; and to lead him, a sinner, where Christ led the thief who was crucified with him.

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Libera me de penis inferni. Et per sanctissimam cru\cem tuam custodi me salva me et libera me a temp\tacione dyaboli mundi et carnis et a potestate\ omnium inimicorum meorum visibilium et invisibilium. Et\ illuc perduc me miserum et indignum peccatorem\ quo perduxisti tecum crucifixum latronem. Qui cum deo patre.\

Introduction to the prayer of salutation, Ave Ihesu Christe.

A certain priest would daily salute the Virgin Mary with the angel's greeting: 'Hail Mary, full of grace'. One day Christ appeared to him and said: 'Every day you salute my mother, and she loves you for it. If every day you were to salute me, I would love you for it, too.' The priest replied: 'Lord, if I knew how, I would do so gladly.' Then the Lord gave him the following words of greeting.

Fuit quidam clericus qui cotidie consuevit sa\lutare beatam virginem Mariam cum salutacione an\gelica scilicet Ave Maria gratia plena. Et quadam die\ apparuit ei dominus Ihesus Christus et dixit ei, Te salutas co\tidie matrem meam et es amicus eius. Et si me cotidie salutaveris eris amicus meus. Cui clericus\ ait, Domine si scirem libenter hoc facerem. Tunc dedit\ ei dominus hec verba salutacionis sequencia.\

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