Folio 66r

Miscellaneous prayers and invocations, continued.

Prayer, Gracias tibi ago, continued.

The author commends himself to the love which Christ preached throughout the world, to the virtue of his passion, and to his profound mercy. He asks Christ, through his mercy and boundless piety, to make him hate all the evil that stains his soul; to make him mindful of Christ's death by bearing Christ's wounds in himself, that so he may be found worthy to be with Christ; to save him from the misery of hell so that he may rejoice with Christ forever; and to protect his soul, redeemed with Christ's own blood.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998.

baris inconsolabiliter flevisti acriter vociferasti virili\ter universe vene tue confracte sunt integraliter tuum\que sanguinem effudisti largiter atque pro me subisti\ mortem acerbissimam indubitanter degustasti. Nunc\ recommendo me domine Ihesu Christe in hunc amorem qui\ tu existens predicaris per orbem. Nunc recommen\do me domine Ihesu Christe in tuarum passionum virtutem et\ tue ineffabilis misericordie profunditatem. O Ihesu Christe pater\ et domine propter honorem tui sancti nominis et propter inmen\sitatem tue ineffabilis pietatis fac ut in me\ molestum fiat omne quod animam meam maculet per\mitte me reminisci anxietatis amarissime mor\tis tue sanctissima vulnera tua in me frequenter geren\do ut sic apud te inveniam promerendo defende me\ piissime domine a gehenne miseriis ut sic protectus\ tibi semper assim in gaudio animam meam protege tua\ semper protectione quam redemisti domine tuo sangui\ne precioso. Amen.

Introduction to the invocation, Messayas Sother Emmanuel.

St Leo, the pope, composed this letter and said that whoever read it in time of fatal sickness would not die; and that any man or woman who hung it around their neck in time of sickness, would recover.

Saint Leon le pape de Rome\ fist ceste lettre et dit qui le lira ia le iour de ma\le mort ne morra. Et si homme ou femme soit\ malades pende cest lettre entour leur col et il\

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