Folio 37v

Miscellaneous prayers, mainly to Jesus Christ, continued.

Prayer, Aspice ad me, continued.

... that in the multitude of his mercies he may show lenience.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998

merositatem criminum multitudine miseracionum\ tuarum. Amen.\

Prayer, Deus qui voluisti.

A prayer to God (see folios 71v, 73v; see HE, pp 83, 177) who, for the redemption of the world, was willing to be rejected by the Jews and betrayed by the kiss of the traitor, Judas; to be bound with fetters, beaten and led like an innocent lamb to sacrifice; to be brought in innocence before Annas, Caiaphas, Pilate and Herod; to be crowned with thorns, insulted and spat upon; to be pierced with nails, raised on the cross and placed between two thieves; to be given vinegar and gall to drink; to be wounded with a spear; and finally to die. .

Deus qui volui\sti pro redempcione mundi a Iudeis reprobari a Iuda traditore osculo\ tradi vinculis alligari, et sicut agnus inno\cens ad victimam duci ante conspectum An\ne Cayphe et Pilati et Herodis indecenter offer\ri spinis coronari, sputis conspui\ colaphis\ cedi, clavorum aculeis perforari, in cruce levari,\ inter latrones deputari, felle et aceto potari,\ lancea vulnerari, et postremo mori. Tu domine\ per has sanctissimas penas tuas quas ego\ indignus peccator recolo et per sanctam crucem tu\am libera me de penis inferni et perducere me\ digneris miserum peccatorem quo perduxisti latro\nem in dextera tua crucifixum. Qui cum domino patre.\

Prayer, Ihesu Ihesu propter.

A prayer to Jesus Christ, asking in his name mercy for a wretched sinner.

Ihesu Ihesu propter nomen tuum fac\ michi secundum hoc nomen tuum. Ihesu Ihesu obliviscere\ me fetidissimum peccatorem superbum immundum\ iracundum, gulosum, luxuriosum, cupidum\ avarum, accidiosum, et aliis infinitis pec-\

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