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What are we for?

We have a constitution and the following few paragraphs are extracted from it.

The object of the Aberdeen Mechanical Society

is to promote and further the practice and vocation of Engineering, Science and Technology by encouraging education, training and the interchange of ideas.


  1. The name of the Association shall be 'The Aberdeen Mechanical Society', as instituted in 1888.

  2. The means by which The Aberdeen Mechanical Society shall achieve its objectives shall include, but not be limited to, the organisation of public lectures, visits, essays, debates and the publication of papers. The Society shall ensure the encouragement of training and education by the award of prizes or financial aid to students or trainees engaged in a recognized course or activity of benefit to Engineering, Science or Technology. Such students or trainees need not be members of The Aberdeen Mechanical Society.

  3. The Aberdeen Mechanical Society shall fund its activities from subscriptions raised from the membership of the Society as well as from donations, gifts, interest on investments, grants and bequests provided always that such funding is applied exclusively in pursuit of the Objectives of the Society. At the discretion of Council, charges may be made for attendance at meetings or visits provided that such charges are applied exclusively in pursuit of the Objectives of the Society or in order to defray the expenses of such meetings or visits.

  4. All ordinary meetings of The Aberdeen Mechanical Society shall be open to attendance by members of the public.

  5. The Society shall consist of Ordinary Members and Honorary Members.

  6. Ordinary Members shall be persons engaged in or interested in Engineering, Science or Technology.

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