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Welcome to the web site of the Aberdeen Mechanical Society. The name is a historical one, dating from the days when all engineering involved mechanics in one form or another. Today, the interests of our members cover a wide range of engineering, science and technology.

If you live in the Aberdeen (Scotland) area and don't know about us, read on. If you work as any kind of Engineer or have an interest in science and technology, through teaching in school, college or university for example, then you might like to join. We are not a specialist society but one that promotes broad interests. Our talks cover topics of the moment, topics with environmental impact and historical subjects. Visitors are always welcome. If you'd like to find out a bit more, see the pages 'About us' and 'What are we for?'.

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The Aberdeen Mechanical Society was founded in 1888 and has been thriving ever since. It is one of the longest lived local independent engineering societies in the world.

We are, simply, a meeting place for those with an interest in engineering and related science. Our main activities are running a programme of
winter talks and a programme of summer visits to sites of engineering interest, usually local but not exclusively so. We also encourage the next generation to take an interest in engineering, through the award of two annual prizes.

 Photo of shear legs old and new circa 1910 Aberdeen harbour

If you wish to contact the Aberdeen Mechanical Society by e-mail, see our page with contacts.

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