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Prof Michael Frenneaux



Tel: 01224-437970


Professor Frenneaux is the newly appointed Regius Chair of Medicine at Aberdeen University and is an honorary Consultant Cardiologist. Prior to this appointment he was the BHF Chair in Cardiology and Head of the Department for Cardiovascular Medicien at Birmingham University.

He qualified in London and has previously held Chairs in Brisbane and Cardiff. Professor Frenneaux is a Clinical Cardiologist whose major interests include heart failure and cardiomyopathies. His research is wide ranging but is best described as integrated physiology. He is currently working on a new treatment for heart failure based around the drug perhexiline. One of his research interests has been the mechanisms responsible for increased cardiovascular risk in individuals with a past history of depression and has focussed on the potential effects of increased Cortisol on the endothelium.


Selected publications

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